Saturday, April 24, 2010

Now matters !

Its so easy to get caught in the "busyness" of everyday life and lose the plot...we give ourselves all sorts of excuses anything from work to family dramas to keep ourselves away from ourselves. My favourite one is travel... " when I travel , my routine gets disrupted" or " I just need to get through this bit of work before I can settle down and look into my own needs" 
Months later, I look back and I can see that I am still running the same excuse!! I know now that that I have "excused myself" from being fully present in the moment!!
Being fully present in the moment is a discipline , to me it means:
1. Being aware that I need to drink more water 
2. Taking time to exercise
3. Making time for prayer or daily reflection
4. Eating consciously, slowly, appreciating the flavours and effort that has been put into its preparation
5. Looking up from my work when my kids talk to me and giving them my complete attention
6. Making time to catch up with friends/family and making even more time to laugh wholeheartedly
7. Minimising distractions that deplete my energy - internet, TV, people who whine frequently, thoughts about past failures and fears about future mistakes
8. Living in gratitude for everything ....even things that I don't like.
They are really simple things, nothing earth shattering but I know that whenever I have done this, I have felt every cell in my body radiate joy. I know that when I radiate joy - I add to the world and in my own way I help to make it a better place. Something else happens too - an exchange of energy.... you cant possibly put energy out into the world without it coming back at you multiplied. Opportunities find me easily and effortlessly. 
Everyday, life presents us the opportunity to do something different from yesterday. Its a chance to renew and refresh. An opportunity to engage fully in the current moment so that when we look back we can see a life that takes our breath away... thats how I want to leave this about you? There is no other time except NOW!

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