Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The philosopher, leader and the connoisseur of life....

A year ago, I wrote about today. Its a special day because three people I know are born on the 24th of March...a very close friend , my boss and a business partner who was introduced to me by my boss.
One day I want the three of  them to meet ...maybe over a meal and i would like to see how they get on. ...I think they will have a blast!
Its funny how life is - all three are from totally different backgrounds but i know that they have alot of common ground and similarities:

My best friend : a true warrior and live wire of any party.. the youngest of the three , wise young mother of two amazing young adults, a business woman and philosopher of life. She has done some pretty amazing things ...things that even the strongest amongst us wont do - situations where she has put herself last and thought of humanity's needs first. A true planetary citizen.

My boss : a great leader who has more followers than he knows, because he is a "dream weaver" and people like to follow someone who has a dream /vision and the bigger the dream, the bigger the following! He is a scientist at heart and despite that very pragmatic part of him that looks for proof, he is also spiritual in his own way as he recognises that there are things that human beings cannot perceive ..things bigger than us. A risk taker with a vision.

My business partner : a classy man who puts his heart out first. People remember him because of the way he connects with them , he is most comfortable around people and he loves life. A sportsman in many ways, very open to new ideas and opportunities to learn. A true connoisseur of life!  A high achiever who knows that its not always about winning,

A philosopher, a leader and a connoisseur of life... three people but each of them fits all three descriptions. lucky am I to have these people in my life.  We sometimes forget to take a closer look at people in our lives and how they add to the planet and make our lives that much better. Today, I will drink a toast to three awesome people in my life, may you have a very happy birthday and continue to touch the lives of others in your own special way!

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