Monday, March 15, 2010

....just being...

I often get asked what I have been up to lately... "just being" my reply.  Here's what i have learnt :

1. Its ok to be silent if I have nothing to say...the world is noisy enough without my voice to add to that noise
2. Friendships and loved ones add colour to my life
3.  Its nice to take the back seat to allow someone else to shine and bask in their glory
4. I dont have to be anything, or do anything to be loved, accepted or recognised, I  can be just me
5. Laughing out loud and laughing often is the best way to live a long and happy life
6. When a friend needs help, be there, in the bigger scheme of things, getting the opportunity to demonstrate generosity of spirit is a gift in itself
7. Learning keeps me alert and inspired
8. Slow down to take in life, and make time for prayer, reflection and gratitude

How do I feel? .... Absolutely Brilliant!!

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